To Do in 2014

For as long as I can remember, I've been a planner. I still have memories of staying up late with my freshman roommates discussing five year plans, what courses we should take when, and when and where we should study abroad. I'm also very into lists. A normal person doodles during a boring lecture; I make lists. Packing lists, lists of people to email, boat lineups lists, lists of clothes I should invest in, lists of recipes and restaurants I'd like to try, lists of places I want to visit. You name it, I probably have made a list about it. 

One of the blogs I enjoy reading has a 101 things in 1001 days series. Unsurprisingly, I loved this idea, and started my year off with my own list of Things To-Do in 2014. I stuck to a one-year timeframe because I've found that I can tend to focus so much on my long-term goals that I miss out on "short-term" ones. & since I'm hoping that this blog will remind me to take full advantage of the "everyday," I figured this would be a great place to share my to-do list. 

1. Read 12 books (The Fault in Our Stars, The Boys in the Boat, Middlesex, Gone Girl
2. Watch 12 documentaries (Miss RepresentationThe Abortion War)
3. Learn how to sew a button
4. Go camping
5. Go one week without hitting the snooze button (March 24th-March 30th)
6. Make homemade pasta (May 17th)
7. Join Toastmasters
8. Travel to a new place (Charlottesville in April, Oregon and Washington in May)
9. Learn about personal finances and continue saving in my brokerage account
10. Take a cooking class
11. Go to Kaffeestunde/do something German for an hour once a month (Kokowähh, Kaffeestunde, Gilmore Girls auf Deutsch)
12. Row (alumni row doesn’t count!) (joined LRC in June)
13. Make an address book
14. Find a signature cocktail...
15. ...and learn how to make it.
16. Learn about makeup
17.  Go swimming in the Pacific (not quite swimming, but close! May 24th-25th)
18. Spend a weekend in Detroit (June 6th-8th)
19. Go hiking (Olympic National Park, May)
20. Visit Boston
21. M-22 Race
22. Train for a ½ marathon or 10K
23. Publish my article in an academic journal
24. Volunteer for an organization in my community
25. Learn how to French braid
26. Get better acquainted with my DSLR
28. Unplug for a day
29. Visit the Broad Art Museum (March 1st)
30. Treat my parents to dinner (Claddagh's, March 31st)
31. Floss daily for a month (January, and still going strong!)
32. Read for thirty minutes every week night for two weeks
33. Cook dinner once a week for a month
34. Take a minivaca with my girlfriends
35. Wake up every weekday at 5am//gym at 5.30 for two weeks straight (March 24th-April 4th)

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